FUNDACION UN BUEN GRUPO DE AMIGOS, A.C., We are a group of people who share our training, knowledge, professional vocation and social responsibility towards the improvement of our society, integrating efforts and talents from people who want to work professionally by improving the quality of life for vulnerable groups and who are in favor of community development through actions aiming to provide health services, medical assistance and support instruments for the care of social groups with disabilities, scarce resources and other people who are in a vulnerable state as well as actions focused on social orientation, work and self-employment training. It is on this basis, and as one of our main objectives, that each and everyone of our activities, programs and assistance in which this organization takes part, the foundation prohibits discrimination against associates, employees and volunteers, whether because of race, color, origin or national origin, age, different ability, sex, gender identity, religion, political beliefs or ideals, marital status, family or parental status, sexual orientation, or whether a person’s income is derived in whole or in part from a public assistance program, from self-employment (value promoted by us) or from any program or activity carried out or financed by the State through its different Departments and Organizations.

Therefore, at UBGA we are committed to offer to every employee, associate and support volunteer, that requires such, the following actions:

  • Actions to prevent and eliminate all forms of discrimination.
  • Respect for diversity and individuality.
  • Equality of opportunities.
  • Fair and equitable salary allocation.
  • The Propagation of a plural and tolerant culture.
  • The absolute rejection of all acts of violence.
  • The cancellation of any practice that violates the dignity of the people.
  • Boosting gender equality and labor equity.
  • Respect for the right to free expression of ideas, without prejudice to the rights of others.
  • Productive inclusion of vulnerable groups.
  • Respectful and inclusive coexistence.
  • Solidarity and shared work in favor of democracy.

At UBGA we are committed with our ideals, values and in strict compliance with our vision and mission, we work endlessly and with total commitment to being a vanguard Foundation, booster and promoter of a non-discriminatory culture and adhered to the foundations of human equality, thus reaffirming our commitment to society.

In the event of any member of the staff, associate and support applicants volunteers commits an action or activity that may involve an act of discrimination, complaints of the the alleged acts, omissions or discriminatory social practices attributed to individuals or legal entities will be received by UBGA and will impose an administrative and reparative measure on said rights when appropriate.

Any person may file complaints about alleged acts, omissions or discriminatory social practices before UBGA staff, either directly or through their representative. Civil society organizations may file complaints, appointing a representative. When several entities or petitioners make the same complaint, they will appoint a common representative.

Board of directors

Un Buen Grupo de Amigos, A.C.