Code of Ethics

General Principles

Article 1.- All members of Un Buen Grupo de Amigos A.C. (UBGA) exercise with strict adherence to and respect for the ethical principles and the moral and social values ​​stated in this code; as well as the uses and customs without opposing Human Rights.

Article 2.- Un Buen Grupo de Amigos A.C. and its members must act with the principles of respect, collaboration, transparency and full adherence to the principles of legality.

Article 3.- The associates, directors, employees and volunteers of Un Buen Grupo de Amigos A.C. will carry out their duties, in any field, with dignity and commitment. 

Article 4.- The associates, directors, employees and volunteers of Un Buen Grupo de Amigos A.C. will be subject to the provisions of this code.  


Article 5.- This Code establishes the principle and fundamental value of Love for Mexico, Appreciation of Life, Self-education and Self-esteem, as well as a respect for the dignity of people, no discrimination and the freedom of others.  

Article 6.- UBGA will always maintain its constant commitment to a Love for Mexico through its assistance programs, reaching every corner of the country to help the most vulnerable population and those who suffer from extreme marginalization.    

Article 7.- All UBGA members must promote the daily practice of values ​​such as perseverance, discipline, effort, ethics and honesty, gratitude, humility, participation and responsibility. 

Article 8.-UBGA will be handled with impartiality and its acts will always be subject to the principle of equality for all without any discrimination. 

Article 9.- UBGA members will assume the consequences of their acts resulting from decisions of action or omission, answering for those that could harm third parties, always intent to remedy any damage caused.     

Article 10.- UBGA is commited to maintain objectivity in decision-making, avoiding subjectivity or conflict of interest.   

Article11.- UBGA will adhere to the laws of the State and its institutions for the best development of the society. 

Article12.- UBGA confirms its commitment to the value of Self-education knowing the importance of promoting knowledge and reading to help build a better and stronger Mexico.    

Article 13.- For UBGA self-esteem is a fundamental value which is why each of its members is trained to serve and understand every person who solicits help without damaging or violating that person’s self-esteem.      

Article 14.- The members of UBGA, during the execution of the assistance programs, both in the social and economic area, must respect the principles of interculturality that each region or group of beneficiaries presents. 


Article 15.In accordance with regulations, access to UBGA information will be guaranteed without any restriction other than that imposed by the public’s interest and the right to the privacy of individuals.  


Article 16.- All members of UBGA must carry out the positions or assignments received at the direction of the Institution with all the effort, proactivity and effort corresponding to the assigned task; always with an empathetic attitude and promoting teamwork.    

Article 17.- Each UBGA member’s work requires his or her full attention and must be conducted with diligence and sensitivity in an informed and professional manner with strict adherence to the principles of honesty and responsibility.    

Article 18.- The personnel of Un Buen Grupo de Amigos A.C must avoid displaying any and all forms of discrimination, humiliation, distancing or rejection towards the people served; always bearing in mind that each human being is worthy of absolute respect.


Article 19.- Each member of UBGA must keep strict confidentiality relative to the nature and circumstances of any matters within the scope of its relationship with the public regarding the flow of information in accordance with the provisions of the law.   

Article 20.- All members of UBGA must maintain the confidentiality of the information to which they have access regardless of their function or position within the Institution.  

Article 21.- The documents, files and records as well as the copies thereof, must be kept in a safe and secure place within the Institution.    

Article 22.- UBGA staff must refrain from making unnecessary digital and/or physical copies of information from files belonging to the Institution.    

Article 23.- All UBGA staff should avoid reading messages, emails or letters addressed to other people, except for strictly work-related reasons.     

Relationships with Institutions and Service Providers 

Article 24.- UBGA personnel will always have full autonomy and independence in establishing frank, direct and respectful communication with authorities, branches or departments of greater institutions, and service providers based on a clear delimitation of boundaries in the area of ​​powers and competencies.   

Article 25.- UBGA will always promote the construction of mutually respectful relationships and cooperation with the authorities in order to guarantee the proper balance between autonomy and institutional responsibility.   

Article 26.- With respect to the various organizations, branches or departments related to UBGA, its staff must promote a behavior of respect and collaboration in matters of advice, guidance or any other service provided or contracted by the Civil Association, endorsing the capacity for leadership and commitment of Un Buen Grupo de Amigos A.C.

Article 27.- UBGA personnel must neither impede nor recriminate the legitimate right of individuals and/or Institutions to exercise criticism or express the plurality of ideas.  

Material, financial, technological and workplace resources   

Article 28.- UBGA personnel must conserve and protect the UBGA assets and use appropriately those that are designated for the performance of their duties avoiding abuse, squander or waste.   

Article 29.- The UBGA staff is committed to make good use of the Institution’s materials and equipment, using them only for activities related to their assigned function, avoiding any use for personal issues.    

Article 30.- UBGA personnel must carry out their activities with complete honesty and responsibility and fully aware of and responsible for the use and proper administration of the material, financial and technological resources they are in charge of.    

Article 31.- Any conduct that violates any of the above stated articles or institutional principles will be considered improper and may be subject to a sanction until the termination of the employment relationship.    


Code of Ethics of the Mexican Center for Philanthropy A.C 

Code of Ethics of the State Human Rights Commission of Tamaulipas